Try On Frames!
Feel free to Mix & Match
Styles come and go, but there are basic guidelines that all styles and time adhere to. Our opticians will gladly share their wealth of experience in frame selection, based on your cosmetic, lifestyle, and ophthalmic needs.

With your mouse, Left Click on any of the glasses below, HOLD left button down, then drag the frame to try it on any face!
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4 5 6 7
Fashion is in the eyes of the beholder.
Style is truly a personal preference and reflection of one's personality...This is strictly a reference.
1 Oval 2 Round 3 Square
Look for diamond or rectangular  shapes Look for frames that lengthen the face Look for styles
that soften angles
You make sure they look good,
We make sure they work right!
4 Oblong 5 Diamond 6 Base Up-Triangle 7 Base Down Triangle  
Look for frames
that have depth
Look for oval frames that are soft in style Look for frames that widen at the bottom Look for frames that
widen at the top
  • The frame shape should contrast slightly with the face shape: It is not generally recommended to put a round frame on a round face, a square frame on a square face, etc. However, style is truly a personal expression and there really is not a right or wrong by today's high fashion, but we will make sure that the functionality of your eyewear is not compromised by your taste, but rather copacetic.

  • The frame size should be proportionately balanced to the size of your face: Generally speaking, your eye should be in the center of the frame, from the left & right. Again, functionality plays a key role in this selection as frame cosmetics can be for naught if the lens looks bad, or you can not see properly.

  • Eyewear should accentuate your best, or specific features: Example; If you have grayish to white hair, stay away from silver frames. The contrast will give you the appearance of 'Muddy' gray hair, while a gunmetal, Dull Gray, or black color frame will highlight just the silver color of your hair affording the luxury of a very distinguished appearance.

  • Frame quality: Frames should compliment one's personality and/or desired image, as well as their ophthalmic requirements. There are many choices in life that will require educated decisions, or to trust one who's education and experience is in your field of need. Quality of a specific product is one of them. There are many avenues of which one can save on the cost of a frame, without loss, or too much loss of quality, and the challenging aspect which we excel in, is finding that happy medium. Our job, and yours, will be to find that 'perfect' fit; not just on the face, but in the pocketbook as well. In regards to frame lines, higher quality frames actually cost much less in a long run, because they last, look, and feel better longer, and they are specifically designed with particular elements that best suit ones needs.